Spark Golf League FAQs

Spark Golf Leagues

What are Spark Golf leagues?

Driven by the Spark mobile app, our 9-hole, recreational leagues are fun, social and contain just the right Spark of competition.

League players prepay for 6 or 8 nine hole rounds and play as 2-person teams. The league is set-up much like fantasy football with weekly 9-hole matches and top teams earning spots in the Spark playoffs.

Who are Spark Golf leagues for?

Spark Golf leagues are for anyone looking to spend time with friends out on a golf course. You do not need to be an avid, competitive golfer to be in an Spark Golf league. During Spark Leagues, you meet, compete, and have fun.

Where are Spark Golf leagues held?

Typically at public courses. You do not need a club membership to participate in public Spark Golf leagues.

What is the format?

The leagues are 2-person team events. You will have the same partner throughout the season. The scoring is team net best ball match play. You will play a match against one other team each round.

Do I need a handicap to join?

Absolutely not. When you join, we’ll ask you some questions about how often you play golf and what you typically shoot. We’ll use the answers to those questions to assign you an Spark Golf league handicap. Your handicap will adjust as the season progresses, based upon your play.

Do I need to have a partner to join?

If you already have a partner that you want to play with, that is great, just enter your partner’s name when registering. If you don’t have a partner, that’s no problem either. You can join and the league commish will assign you one.

When do the leagues start?

Summer leagues start in April or May depending on the weather. Fall leagues start in September.

How often do you play?

It depends on the league but summer leagues typically play every other week. Fall leagues play 2 weeks in a row with an off-week in between.

How many times do you play?

Summer leagues consist of 8 rounds. Fall leagues consist of 6 rounds.

What do you do in the case of inclement weather?

If the course is closed due to inclement weather or the league commissioner deems the conditions to be unfit to play, the round will be rescheduled, usually to the following week.

Is alcohol included?

Alcohol is not included as part of your league registration, but we will make a best effort to have drinks specials at the course you are playing. We also strive to have a post-round bar/restaurant sponsor for post-round celebration.

What happens if I can't make it one week?

You can get someone to sub in for you. Your sub will register as a sub in the Spark Golf App and play to his/her own handicap.

What is net best ball match play?

Each player will play their own ball through the hole. Each player on each team will have their own individual handicap. Depending on your handicap and the difficulty of the hole, you may get 0, 1 or 2 strokes on the hole.

So for example, if you get 1 stroke and you actually make 5 strokes on the hole, your net score for the hole will be will be a 4. If your partner makes a net 4 or higher score on that hole, your team score for that hole would be 4. If your partner makes a net 3 or lower on that hole, then your team’s score for that hole will be whatever your partner made.

If one team has a lower net score on the hole than the other team, they win the hole and one point. No points are awarded to either team when there is a tie on the hole. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins the match. Matches can end in a tie.

How do you keep score?

You will keep score for your team during the match in the Spark Golf app, which is available for iOS and Android. You just have to enter how many strokes each player on your team made, the app will take care of calculating the net scores, team scores and points won/lost on each hole.

Is there an overall winner crowned at the end of the season?

Yes, in most leagues, the first 6 rounds are the regular season. In the last 2 rounds, the top 4 teams will compete in the playoffs. The winners of each semi-final matches will complete head-to-head in the final round for the championship. Other teams not in the top 4 will still play in the last 2 weeks. All teams will play all 8 rounds.

Are there prizes?

Yes, who wouldn’t want to be crowned League Champs! We will have prizes for the top-3 teams plus a weekly prize for the top team each week.